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Abstract Submission




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General Information

The abstract title must not exceed 200 characters (with Spaces).

The abstract can not exceed a maximum of 5000 characters (with Spaces).

Abstracts must be written in English.

Abstract submission deadline is extended up to Apr. 15, 2018.

Every approved Abstract/Paper must be associated to a registered participant (full participation and payment process completed) until Aug. 15, 2018.

Note: Don’t forget that the registration fee only includes 3 (three) Abstracts/Papers submission.


Change or withdrawing an Abstract/Paper

Changes to abstracts, for consideration by the Technical Committee, can be made on-line up to the deadline for submission Apr. 1, 2018.

The withdrawal of an Abstract or a Paper on the Submission System is only possible until Apr. 1, 2018 and    

Nov. 5, 2018, respectively.


The level of contribution (poster, oral or Invited Talk) will be decided after the abstract submission deadline, and the authors will be informed by e-mail.


If you have any queries regarding Abstracts/Papers submission, submissions already made, or withdrawal, please contact  Dr. zczhang@nudt.edu.cn .



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