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Paper Submission




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Submitted papers will be published in an open access database for easy indexing.

For publication in the Conference Proceedings authors are expected to submit a paper.

In submitting a paper the authors agree with its publication in an open access database for easy indexing.

Papers will be published as Proceedings, which will be made available to all attendees after the conference, in the EAPPC open access website database.

For publication in the Proceedings it is required, that the content of the submitted paper is presented by the author or one co-author as indicated at abstract submission, as poster or oral talk at the conference. Otherwise, papers will NOT be accepted for publication.

Preparation of the Paper

Click here to download EAPPC & BEAMS 2018 Manuscript Template

Please download the Microsoft Word Template onto your computer and replace the titles, authors, text, figures, etc. with the content of your original manuscript.

Your cooperation to follow the general guidelines and specific styles will result in fewer formatting costs and delays, as well as a more professional-looking finished paper in the final DVD.

The guidelines for the manuscript are carefully explained in the text of this downloadable conference template. Click here to download a pdf of the conference template (this pdf file is for reference purposes only — but please use the Microsoft Word file as a template when creating your manuscript so that your paper will not be rejected due to formatting errors. 

   For poster presentations and oral presentations as contributed talk the paper may be up to 4 pages in length. For    invited talks the paper might be up to 6 pages long. Speakers of Plenary Sessions may write up to 8 pages.

Submission of the Paper

Submit your electronic paper in PDF format on-line before Nov. 5, 2018. The Conference proceeding CDs will be available on Dec. 31, 2018.

Please note that all the papers should be submitted in PDF and Microsoft Word formats simultaneously.

When generating the PDF file, please make sure that ALL fonts are embedded into your PDF document. Most likely in the course of PDF file generation you may need to select this option manually. Also, please make sure that your document matches the Paper Templates with respect to margins and other layout specifications.


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