TAC & Session Organizers

Technical Area Coordinators
and Session Organizers

TA1: Pulsed Power Technology, Systems and Components


Bucur Novac

Loughborough University

1.1 High Voltage Insulation

1.2 High Energy Density Storage

1.3 Closing and Opening Switches

Kefu Liu

1.4 High Power, Solid State Electronics

1.5 Transmission Lines and Transformers

1.6 High Voltage Power Supplies

Luís Redondo

1.7 Generators and Networks

1.8 Compact and Repetitive Pulsed Power Systems

John Mankowski

1.9 High Current and High Energy Systems

1.10 Pulsed Power Diagnostics

Fuchang Lin

1.11 Theory and Simulation

Yoav Hadas

TA2: Pulsed Power Applications


Weihua Jiang

Nagaoka University of Technology

2.1 Electromagnetic, Plasma, Beam and Laser Applications   

2.2 Medical, Biological and Environmental Applications     

2.3 Industrial and Commercial Applications               

Georg Mueller

2.4 Space and Emerging Applications

2.5 Modulators and Pulsed Magnets for Accelerators

Yun-Sik Jin

2.6 Electromagnetic Launchers

2.7 Theory and Simulation

Ping Yan

TA3: High Power Microwaves and RF Sources


Vladislav Rostov

Institute of High Current Electronics

3.1 High Power Microwave Devices

3.2 Fast Wave Devices

3.3 Slow wave Devices

Jun Zhang

3.4 Microwave Systems and Sources

3.5 Beamless HPM sources

3.6 THz Technology

Markus Schneider

3.7 Antennas

3.8 HPEM Effects

Xiangqiang Li

3.9 Theory and Simulation

Juntao He

TA4: Radiation Sources

C:\Users\think\Desktop\TAC-PIC\Xinxin Wang-15941430790379665.jpg

Xinxin Wang

Tsinghua University

4.1 Z, X-Pinches and Imploding Liners

4.2 High Power Diodes

4.3 Lasers

Jinshui Shi

4.4 Fusion Research

4.5 High Energy Density Physics

4.6 Theory and Simulation

Peitian Cong

TA5: Particle Beam Technology


Bryan Oliver

Sandia National Laboratories

5.1 High Current Accelerators

5.2 Plasma, Ion and Electron Sources

5.3 Intense Electron and Ion Beams

Mark Sinclair

5.4 Free Electron Lasers

5.5 Theory and Simulation

Hanwu Yang



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