Young Researcher Awards

2018 EAPPC Outstanding Young Researcher Awards Procedure


  1. Overview
  • Award name: ‘EAPPC Outstanding Young Researcher Award.’
  • Award winners: the maximum number of awards which can be offered is 5 (five), with at least 2 (two) awards offered for applicants from Asia and at least 2 (two) awards for applicants from Europe and the rest of the world. In case there are a limited number of outstanding candidates, the EAPPC International Organizing Committee reserves the right to limit the number of awards offered.
  • Candidates: any young researcher of no more than 35 years ( born after 1983.12.31 ) can apply. The applications are either personal or recommended by members of the EAPPC International Organizing Committee.
  • Application requirement: each candidate must be the first author of a manuscript accepted as an oral contribution.
  1. Application process
  • The application process opens on 2018.07.01. The personal applicants should submit a draft of their paper and two letters of recommendation from pulsed power experts. The applicants recommended by members of the EAPPC International Organizing Committee should provide a draft of their paper. All applicants should fill out a short form provided in the conference website and send it to the website with the documents mentioned above.
  • The application deadline is 2018.08.01 (No further extension will be offered.)
  1. Review process
  • By 2018.08.06, the Local Committee will summarize the applications received and send these to the EAPPC International Organizing Committee. Each application will be sent to 3 reviewers. The reviewers will be asked to judge the application as "not recommended", "recommended" or "highly recommended".
  • The feedback deadline for reviewers is 2018.08.31. Candidates obtaining either the comment “recommended” or “highly recommended” from at least two reviewers will be included in a short list.
  • The short list of candidates will be sent to the Technical Committee by 2018.09.05. The Technical Committee will arrange for the short listed candidates to present their oral presentations at the conference before 12:00 noon on 2018.09.19.
  • After lunch on 2018.09.19, the EAPPC International Organizing Committee will meet to decide the winners. It is expected that a decision will be agreed based upon the review results. However, in case a vote will be required the ballot paper will be divided into two columns: candidates from Asia and those from Europe and the rest of the world. The top two candidates from each column will be considered winners. The fifth winner will be chosen from any of the two columns .
  • The ‘EAPPC Outstanding Young Researcher Awards’ will be announced at the conference banquet on 2018.09.19 and will be published later on the conference website.

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