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High Power Laser and Particle Beams


High Power Laser and Particle Beams


《强》封面2018年10期.jpgHigh Power Laser and Particle Beams(HPLPB) is a journal co-hosted by China Academy of Engineering Physics, China Nuclear Society and Sichuan Nuclear Society. With its first issue published in 1989, it has been serving the high power laser and particle beam community for three decades!

As a Chinese core journal, HPLPB mainly reports fundamental theories, experimental research and applications of high power laser and particles.







The topics of HPLPB includes:

High Power Lasers and Optics

ICF and Laser Plasmas

High Power Microwaves

Terahertz Technology

Complex Electromagnetic Environment

Particle Beams Technology

Micro-nano Technology

Pulsed Power Technology

Accelerator Technology

Nuclear Science and Engineering


HPLPB publishes high quality original papers in the forms of letters, research papers and reviews. It invites all members of EAPPC & BEAMS 2018, as well as your colleagues and friends to submit your manuscripts (letter/research paper/review) of the above mentioned fields to a regular issue commemorating EAPPC & BEAMS 2018. Contributions to this issue will undergo the same rigorous peer-review as typical for HPLPB.


Your manuscripts can be in Chinese or English.


HPLPB usually publishes important letters in two weeks and high quality research papers in 3 months after submission.


Please submit your manuscripts at



You can refer to the following templates: (English template) (Chinese template)


To know more about HPLPB, please visit

and the WeChat public account: hplpbs


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